The best Volcanoes in Portugal

Volcano in Graciosa
Caldeirinha (Caldeirinha de Pero Botelho) is a volcanic crater that can be walked around in a circle or descended with climbing equipment. It offers a...
Volcano in Faial Island
Capelinhos Volcano
Vulcão dos Capelinhos Volcano is a volcano of the Capelo system on the west coast of the Faial Island of the Azores Archipelago. This is the westernmost point...
Volcano in Faial Island
Caldeira Volcano
Caldeira Volcano is a stratovolcano forming the island of Faial. The height of the mountain reaches 1043 meters, there is an observation deck above its caldera....
Volcano in Pico
Pico Volcano
The Pico volcano (Montanha do Pico, Ponta do Pico) is the highest point of the Azores and the whole of Portugal. The peak of the Pico volcano reaches an...