The best Cliffs in Portugal

Cliff in Flores
Rocha dos Frades
Rocha dos Frades means "Rock of the Monks" in Portuguese. If you look closely, you can see the silhouettes of walking monks. In front of the cliff is the...
Cliff in Flores
Rocha dos Bordões
Rocha dos Bordões is a geological feature that is a rock covered with basalt prisms....
Cliff in São Jorge
Natural Arch
The Natural Arch or Arco Natural (Arco Natural de Velas) is a rock in the shape of an arch of volcanic origin. The arch was created by nature, which is...
Cliff in Santa Maria
Ribeira de Maloás
Ribeira de Maloás is a basalt geological formation. The rock was formed as a result of the contact of the sea with a lava flow. A waterfall falls from a height...