The best Churches in Norway

Church in Røros
Roros Church
The Roros Church (Røros kirke) is a church, the "pride of the mining town" in Røros. The church was built in 1784, and since then it has been considered one of...
Church in Northern Norway
Cathedral of the Northern Lights
The Cathedral of the Northern Lights (Nordlyskatedralen Alta kirke) is a church in the city of Alta in Northern Norway. The design of the Cathedral of the...
Church in Sørlandet
Hidra Church
Hidra Church (Hidra kirke) is a church in Agder County, on the island of Hidra. It was built in 1854....
Church in Sørlandet
Åna-Sira Church
Ana Sira Church (Åna-Sira kirke, Åna-Sira Church) is a church and cemetery of the same name in the village of Ana Sira. The white wooden church was built in...
Church in Lofoten Islands
Borge Church
Borge Church (Borge kirke, Borge menighet) is a church near the village of Bestad on one of the Lofoten Islands — Vestvågøya. This is the church of the Borge...
Church in Eastern Norway
Horten kirke
Horten Church (Horten Church, Horten kirke) is a church in the town of Horten, built in 1855....
Church in Westland
Stavkirka in Urnes
Stavkirka in Urnes (Urnes stavkyrkje) is a wooden church, its construction dates back to the beginning of 1130. It is located in the village of Urnes. In 1979,...
Church in Northern Norway
The Arctic Cathedral
The Arctic Cathedral (Tromsdalen kirke, Ishavskatedralen) is a Lutheran church in the city of Tromso, in northern Norway. The church was consecrated in 1965....
Church in Oslo
Bakkehaugen Church
Bakkehaugen (Bakkehaugen kirke) is a church built and illuminated in 1959....