Omsk is a city located in the south-west of Siberia, along the Irtysh River. Omsk is the second largest city in Siberia. Founded in 1716, the city of Omsk grew out of a fortress that was built to protect Siberia from nomads. 

Omsk on map


Today Omsk is the industrial, scientific and cultural center of Siberia, where two dozen higher educational institutions and modern hotels are located, attracting both businessmen and tourists. Here you can get acquainted with buildings, palaces and churches in the Russian neoclassical style. Here you will also find numerous historical sights of the city, including the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the Drama Theater, the Liberov Art Center, the Military Museum, the State Museum of Local Lore, the Dostoevsky Literary Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the statue of Kolchak and the statue of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

Omsk State Academic Drama Theatre

Don't miss the Assumption Cathedral, one of the largest churches in Siberia, distinguished by its Byzantine medieval architecture. Visit the Omsk Fortress and its restored cultural sites: Tobolsk Gates, Omsk, Tarsky and Irtysh Gates, as well as the Money Storeroom. Go through the symbolic Tarski Gate, then walk or bike along the Irtysh embankment to the railway station.



April 18, 2024

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