A southern metropolis with historic streets and fun nights. All this is near a wide river and with a warm climate. The city is a major administrative, economic, cultural, scientific, educational, industrial center and the most important transport hub in the South of Russia.

Rostov-on-Don on map

About the city

It was founded in 1749 by Catherine the Second. The city grew rapidly and became a center of trade, many merchants and Cossacks lived here. Now Rostov is the center of the sixth largest agglomeration in Russia.

The building of the City Duma

Due to the southern location, it is warm here: the average annual temperature is about 11 degrees, while in Moscow it is about 5 degrees. Sometimes winds bring sandstorms from the steppes.

What to see

Rostov Embankment

Gorky Park

The embankment of the Don River

The building of the City Duma

Paramonov warehouses

Rostov Zoo

How to get

By car

On the M4 Don highway, you can quickly get from central Russia or Krasnodar.

By train

Look for trains going to Rostov-Glavny station, the central station of the city.

By plane

The airport is closed, flights to Rostov-on-Don have been stopped since February 24, 2022.

The new Platov Airport operates flights from Russia and other countries.


April 15, 2024

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