DC-3 aircraft

DC-3 aircraft

A DC-3 aircraft belonging to the American Air Force made an emergency landing in 1973 on a black beach, near the town of Vic. There were no casualties, and the plane became a landmark in the middle of the Icelandic steppe forever.

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DC-3 aircraft


Initially, the aircraft was used as a cargo plane, but in the 1970s the US Navy regularly flew over Iceland. In 1973, the plane was flying from Hefn on the east coast of Iceland. There is no exact version of why the plane crashed. Some blame this on ice, which could damage the structure of the aircraft; others say the engines were not working properly. Some claim that it was the pilot's mistake, who may have believed that the engines were not working. And now, because of the harsh weather, only the skeleton of the plane remains, serving as a landmark.

DC-3 aircraft


April 04, 2024

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