Brela is the northernmost resort of the Makarska Riviera on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. The total length of the beaches of Brela is about 6 kilometers. The city is located 65 km from Split and consists of Brela and Gornaya Brela.

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The town of Brela itself is small, but extremely famous for its unique pebble beach Punta Rata, which stretches for several kilometers. The main features of this beach are small pebbles and an incredible number of pines that approach almost to the water's edge.

Punta Rata is one of the best beaches in the entire Adriatic. The clear sea, beautiful views of the Dinaric Alps and a comfortable climate have allowed Brela to gain the status of the best beach destination in all of Croatia.

What to see

A large number of sightseeing tours around the country depart from Brela. The nature here is incredibly beautiful! The surroundings of Brela are not only picturesque, but also ecologically clean: there are no industrial enterprises here, and the city itself is protected from civilization by a mountain range.

Makarka Riviera, Brela, Croatia

Historical sites found during archaeological excavations confirm the solid age of Brela — about 2000 years. The bas-relief of the god Silvanus, found during the excavations, is a real historical value.

The Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmen, built in 1715, is a baroque building in honor of the victory over the Turkish army.

The Church of St. Elijah of the 18th century and the Cathedral of St. Stephen of the 19th century are important tourist sites on the territory of Brela.

Walking along the boardwalk is one of the pleasures of resort life. The embankment is very picturesque: it is paved with white stone from the island of Brac.

It is widely believed among local residents that the decoration of the 'White House' in Washington is also made of this stone, although reliable evidence of this fact has not been found.

It is better to come to Brela for a vacation in the summer, during the holiday season. During the high season, vacationers will find a lot of entertainment, including the annual Fishing Nights festival, various exciting show programs, fashion shows, exhibitions and concerts.

'Palma' restaurant in Brela, Croatia

In any corner of Brela, you can find a cozy place that allows you not only to have a snack, but also to relax in a romantic atmosphere. The local cuisine is rich in seafood, fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits.


January 16, 2024

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