Al-Fatih Grand Mosque in Bahrain

Al-Fatih Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque of Al-Fatih is a complex of buildings consisting of the mosque itself, the Islamic Center for the Study of the Koran and the national Library of Islamic Literature.

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Overview of Al-Fatih Grand Mosque

The courtyard of the Grand Mosque of Al-Fatih

The mosque was opened in 1988 by the Emir of Bahrain, Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al-Khalifa. This is one of the largest mosques in the world – its territory can accommodate up to 7,000 believers.

The main hall of the Al-Fatih Mosque

The mosque is open to tourists, and you will be offered a Russian-speaking guide who will tell you both the history of the mosque and the basics of Islam.

Swarovski Crystal Chandelier

The mosque is open to tourists daily from 09:00 to 16:00, except Fridays.

When visiting the mosque, the dress code is mandatory! Men should wear long sleeves, short shorts are not allowed. Women should cover their hair with a scarf, clothes should cover their legs to the ankles and arms, vulgar or provocative outfits are not allowed. Any failure to comply with the dress code will be the reason for refusal to visit the mosque.


March 17, 2024

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