Kainyran Ethnopark, Kamchatka

Kainyran Ethnopark

The Kainyran Ethnopark is a place for wild recreation in cozy yarangs (a traditional dwelling of the Chukchi) with incredible views of the Koryak and Avacha volcanoes.

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Overview of Kainyran Ethnopark

The locals will introduce you to their customs, delight you with playing the harp, and treat you to traditional dishes and Koryak herbal tea.

Ethnic camp "Kainyran"

The territory of the Kainyran ethnic camp is located far from the city. In summer, it is pleasant to ride a horse here, and in winter — in a dog sled.

Ethnic camp "Kainyran"

The Kainyran Ethnopark is open all year round and is available both for private visits and within the framework of organized tourist groups.

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July 05, 2024

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